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Starters are called n00b. Get used to it. The game is hardcore.. ;P
And this RtCW shizl is meant for beginning players. To get you up and running. Fast. One of the best games ever and still alive!
People who like(d) CounterStrike, Unreal Tournament, Battlefield, Warrock, Call of Dudy Modern Warfare, Enemy Territory GOTTA LOVE THIS SHOOTER!

Vids: Razel & Tzs fraggin / Competition 2002 / Don't trust enemies / Flamer / Goldrush 1shot1kill / DropReload Example ..Intro done!

Recommended installers for Win95..Win7 (Nov2012)

For starters of the game I made a pack called QuickStart for RtCW (currently v3.0lite) with a nice little configuration to get you started instantly and without a lot of hussle afterwards. This pack might be updated due to better game installers online. Please note an important updated version of this whole page is available. So skip the rest. |:)
Note there are 2 versions still being played 1.3 (=1.0+PunkBuster) and 1.4. If you like the game, you probably want both!

Installing 1.0 (about 600MB)             YOU DON'T NEED SERIALS OR CRACKS - nice ey..

  1. Install RtCW 1.0 from rtcwx.com or wolfmp.ir (liNx in middle), or google clan websites or Fb :). Extract the files from the zip-file to the desktop and execute the installer rtcw10mp.exe.
  2. Install PunkBuster for 1.0 and BE SURE TO INSTALL THIS IN THE CORRECT FOLDER C:\Program Files\RTCW10mp ! And be patient, ignore errors and do not cancel the process!
  3. Now.. Install QuickStart13lite which will only work if you followed all steps. Put all files and folders from it in C:\Program Files(86)\RTCW10mp\.
  4. Remove the Shortcut from the desktop and instead make a Shortcut for run.bat from the folder and only use that one instead. Please only use this shortcut to start RtCW (will start the MapDownloader too (hidden). Enter server FUN, AOD, H4S or f.

Installing 1.4 (about 600MB)

  1. Install RtCW 1.4 pack 2012 (since half 2012 a nice installer v.1111 is online.. o.O ).
  2. Check out Windows Startmenu, RtCW and execute the Punkbuster installer (takes some time, ignore errors).
  3. Download QuickStart14lite.zip and put all in it (incl. directories) in C:\Program Files(86)\RtCW14pack\main.
  4. Enable PunkBuster when you see serverlist and enter ECG server. If that's not possible check out this page. With PunkBuster enabled, restart the game. And join ECG. If you are not kicked within a few minutes you're ok.


General Tips

  • Quickrestart needs to be activated every first time you join a server. To do that, always first press F5 once.
  • On default will key L enter the Limbo menu. Key ~ enters console. You move around with a, w, s, d. Set these keys to your wishes. You also want to bind a key to Attack, Reload, Crouch, Sprint and Activate. Tip: Use the keys under your thumb and pinky! By using key T or typing in console, you can chat or ask for help in servers.
  • With some installers it may take some time to load RtCW, it may seem to hang.
  • When you cannot join a team, first choose spec, after that choose axis/allied.
  • For now just skip any yellow S4NDM0D servers in the list. You cannot join. Do try to join servers with 6 or more people in it to have a good game.
  • When you are able to play a bit, try to use the QuickChat menu. Usually you press key V for that. So v27 means "Where to?" and if you are lucky some teammate will guide you. v21 will call for a medic. etc.
  • Problems occur?
    • Did you install in correct order?
    • Did you forget to install PunkBuster?
    • Did you install corresponding QuickStart to your version of RtCW?
    • Did you check the settings in the menu?
    • checklist:
      • Go to Multiplayer, Multiplayer Setup, set Net Data Rate: LAN/Cable/DSL.
      • Allow downloads: ON. Go Back.
      • In Multiplayer, set Source: Internet (not a botton, just plain white text).
      • Get New List (SERVERS SHOULD SHOW UP). Go Back.
      • Go to Options, System, Graphics, Quality: High
      • Video mode: 800x600 (change if needed)
      • Fullscreen: No (change if needed)
      • Press Apply

The game can also be found via torrents & binairies. Info on file at News section of dec 2012. Once found, check the version below the serverlist in the game and get back on this website for info on 1.0, 1.3 or 1.4 and the MasterPatch.
If you need more help, visit the Problems page or ask help @ WolfMP.com or H4S-RtCW.
Also I may just be online on 1.0/1.4..

About QuickStart v3.0lite for RtCW 1.x

It includes ALL YOU NEED based on a basic 2012 pc with default keyboard:

  • Support for RtCW 1.x
  • Latest Master Update to get the list of servers.
  • Breezie's fast MapDownloader.
  • DropReload. You can Turn it on with F5 and off with F6. It is a fast way of reloading your gun and works only in the servers that allow it. This works with MOUSE-RIGHT to reload your gun. If you wish to use another key or button for reloading, please edit autoexec.cfg with Wordpad instead of Notepad.
  • Some optimal settings for first time users. Ofcourse you can always change all in the game menu afterwards.


At least try playing it! - Cya ingame! ^Wh4t3v3R2012

if this game is a too hardcore for you, check this out..